Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silver Snowball Preparation Today

What are Engelhard bars and Johnson Matthey bars? What are silver rounds. What are specialty bars. No need to worry all questions will be answered.

The aforementioned bars are silver bars. These bars are minted in various weights which provide great convenience and easy storage. Rounds, or actually silver rounds are coins minted by private mints.

Specialty bars are focused towards topical collector interests. An example might be a bar or series of bars featuring military heroes or another theme such as cars or airplanes. While these coins are normally minted in one ounce weights, bars can range from one ounce to 1000 ounces.

The value of silver is increasing with a volatile short term view.. The medium and long term appreciation is significantly more than gold. In the short term silver exponentially outperforms gold. However shortages will cause the price to increase. We constantly use more of this limited resource than is being mined.

Silver is poised to produce a whole new class of thousandaires. I define thousandaires as people who never had more than $99,000 in the bank, who now do have more than $99,000 in the bank. These thousandaires are created because they bought before the price increased. These thousandaires will give way to millionaires and possibly a few billionaires.

Industries that depend on silver are scrambling to find dependable suppliers. The consumer investor must compete with this fact. The fluctuating price of silver facilitates profit increases. Percentage wise, silver as compared to gold, has a larger exponential rate of growth.

When the demand and supply for silver clash, you could possibly double or triple your profits. Now is the time to buy if you want to be a silver flipper. Currently the price is about $27 an ounce while gold is about $1250 an ounce. If you want to prepare for disater then the best way is to be silver rich. The inverse manipulation of gold prices to silver is flipping.

Silver can be a monetary or industrial metal. This competition has facilitated the deficit of this metal over the last 15 years. Above ground stockpiles are being depleted. The demand on existing stockpiles will continue to result in higher prices. To offset this deficit current supplies must be drawn in from investors.

In order for investors to sell their supply in to the market, price has to appreciate. This produces the perfect environment for a market to appreciate.

As governments produce debt through liabilities and entitlement programs, more paper money is produced to meet those debts. There will be a hangover after the party. The days of the unchallenged supremacy of the dollar are over. This is not doom and gloom folks, these are the facts.

In closing you can consider the inverse relationship of gold and silver as follows. Gold is a giant community size swimming pool and silver is the wading pool next to it. A small amount of water overflowing from the large community pool into the wading pools will cause the wading pool to rise. As more and more of the population shifts their resources from the large pool into the small pool the price of silver will rise.

Stay ahead of the trend and purchase what you can in the form of coins and or bullion. It does not matter what you choose. Just make a purchase. Just make sure you stay ahead of the trend.

Live long and prosper.